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Perry Township Fire & Rescue

The Perry Township Fire Department is currently a combination department of fulltime, part-time and volunteer staff. Our station is manned 24/7 with one fulltime Paramedic/Firefighter, whom is partnered with one EMT. This crew handles any standard EMS call in the township. A second Paramedic/Firefighter is on staff from 6am to 2pm Monday thru Friday to assist the Fire Chief with office work and be a second responder when necessary. Our volunteer staff is called upon to cover any motor vehicle accidents or fire calls. They also are called upon if we should receive a second EMS call while the manned ambulance is on another assignment. We have a total roster of about 50 members with different training levels, both Fire and EMS.

The Perry Township Fire Department participates and hosts many trainings to further and refresh the training levels of our members. We participate in annual Hazmat Technician, CPR, and Emergency Vehicle Operations courses. All our Paramedics are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and most in Pediatric Life Support. We participate in continuing education for firefighting, EMS, Fire Investigation, Fire Inspection, Confine Space Training and Swift Water Rescue. We also monitor the physical capabilities of our members to do standard firefighting tasks through our annual fire agility test. We strive to keep our skills at the highest to serve our Township Residents.

We are excited to offer a variety of trainings and educational services to the public. We graciously acquired the Safety City fire safety trailer in 2011. This gives us the ability to teach young children home safety techniques and practice home evacuation drills. This is available upon request. We also hold CPR certification trainings on the second Saturday of the even months of the year. This training is free to Perry Township residents and those employed in the township, leaving them only responsible for the card processing cost of $10. For those not employed in or a resident of the township the cost of CPR training is $30. Anyone interested in these trainings should contact Lt. Brooke Hedges at at least one week prior for CPR, and one month prior for the safety trailer.

Our department has come a long way since it was started in 1953 as Perry Township Fire Association with one engine only providing fire protection services to the Township. In 1998, the Fire Association was dissolved and the Perry Township Fire Department was created being managed by the Perry Township Board of Trustees. We currently have 2 Ambulances, 2 Engines, 1 Tanker, a ladder truck, a grass truck and 1 pickup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Perry Township Fire Department a fulltime or volunteer department?

We are a combination department. We have our station manned with one full time Paramedic/Firefighter and one part time EMT 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They handle all regular EMS calls without special circumstances on their own. We tone out for our volunteer staff on any Motor Vehicle Accident and Fire calls. All full time and part time employees are considered volunteers when they are not scheduled.

How do I contact the Fire Department?

If you have an emergency dial 911. Our station is not guaranteed to be manned due to crews possibly being out on a call. For non-emergent calls you can contact us at 419-221-2345:
Ext. 1 Fire Chief Justin Roberts
Ext. 2 Fire Inspector Ken Lucas
Ext. 3 Billing Questions
Ext. 4 On duty staff
Ext. 5 Public Safety Paramedic/Firefighter Brooke Hedges

If I live in the township will I be billed if an ambulance transports me to the hospital?

If you are a resident of Perry Township your insurance company, if you have one will be billed but no resident will be expected to pay out of pocket for being transported to a hospital. Nonresidents will be fully billed.

Does the Fire Department do scheduled non emergent transports of patients?

Being that we need to be available to provide emergent equipment and care at any moment’s notice we refrain from scheduling non emergent transports. We recommend you call a local private ambulance service to ensure you receive services at scheduled times.

Can I burn on my land?

According to the State of Ohio you can only burn timber that has fallen from your land for cooking reasons. The fire must be contained to 3 foot by 3 foot and elevated 8 inches from the ground. You may not burn trash! Although the fire department does not go out looking for illegal burning, we are obligated to extinguish it if we receive a call.

Download the Burn Law Policies & Regulations for more information.

I’m thinking I want to become a member of the fire department, what do I need to do?

Awesome! We are always looking for people to join our team. To become an EMT or Firefighter you have to be at least 18 years old, have valid driver’s license and a High School Diploma or GED. Please feel free to either stop in M-F 8-4 or call the station. We would love to help you decide if the Fire Service is for you. We offer ride a longs as well.

What kind of education do you offer the community?

We are very willing and excited to offer a wide variety of trainings and services to the community. We offer CPR and First Aid certifications. We enjoy doing safety presentations throughout the community, especially with the youngsters. We have a Smoke Trailer where we hold a variety of child friendly trainings. We also do Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention with kids showing heightened interest and experimentation with fire. Please contact Lt Brooke Hedges if interested in any of the above at or 419-221-2345 Ext 5.

Does the Fire Department pump flooded basements?

We do not pump flooded basements.

Does the Fire Department fill ponds and pools?

No we do not fill ponds or swimming pools.

Meet Our Full Time Staff

Justin Roberts Fire

Fire Chief
Justin Roberts

Firefighter, Paramedic, Investigator

Fire & Rescue

Tim Potts

Firefighter, Paramedic, Investigator, Inspector


 Curtis Yetman

Firefighter, Paramedic

Fire & Rescue

Brooke Hedges

Firefighter, Paramedic, Inspector

Ben Stoll

Ben Stoll

Firefighter 2, Paramedic

Ken Lucas Fire Inspector

Ken Lucas

Fire Inspector

Daryl Styer Fire Inspector

Daryl Styer

Fire Inspector

Fire and Rescue

Fire Chief History

Justin Roberts — 2018 – Present
Richard Phillips — 2002 -2018
Harold Rahrig — 1995-2000
Daryl Styer — 1994-1995
Ron Gilroy — 1990-1994
Tom Cushman — 1986-1990/2000-2002
Dan Bowman — 1986-1986
Gene Davis — 1983-1986
Charles Delong — 1963-1983
Harold Cox — 1959-1963
Daryl Lehman — 1953-1959

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