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Cemetery Rules

  • Any device such as wires, stakes, glass objects, etc., that would be dangerous to personnel or damaging to equipment is not permitted and will be removed immediately along with decorations.
  • When decorating the grave lot, you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the decorations and flowers that you have placed on the lot. All flowers and decorations that are not maintained at the gravesite and or foundation of headstone will be removed and discarded immediately by cemetery personnel.
  • Any planting of flowers is to be no more than 8 in, from the foundation. No planting of trees or shrubs is permitted at any time. Digging of any type is permitted by cemetery personnel ONLY.
  • Deteriorated, unsightly, and inappropriate grave decorations, as determined by the PERRY TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES shall be removed immediately. The township trustees nor the cemetery personnel assume no responsibility for damages or disappearance of any decorations or containers that are placed on the grave lot.
  • Glass containers of any kind are considered dangerous and never permitted. No fences, posts, railings, mulch, or other objects shall be put in or placed upon any lot.
  • Regardless of location, all trees, shrubs, and plants, whether existing now or in the future are in the custody of the cemetery. None shall be planted or removed on any lot except with prior consent of the Trustees; but the Trustees shall have the right to plant, transplant, and remove any such item.
  • Please be advised that any item placed on the lot should be securely intact to prevent loss during heavy wind periods and storms. An identification tag can be place on any decorations of value to help minimize loss.
  • The American flag may be displayed at any time during the year as long as it in kept in good condition.

For decorating, the year is divided into two seasons: Winter- November 15 to March 1 Summer- March 2 to November 14

WINTER SEASON — November 15 to March 1
Bouquets or sprays of natural or artificial flowers in turn down vases or vases mounted as part of monument or mounted securely on an upright monument. Grave blankets of an evergreen or similar materials- flush with the ground and securely anchored; also bouquets and sprays anchored to the ground.

SUMMER SEASON — March 2 to November 14
Bouquets or sprays of natural or artificial flowers in turn down vases or vases mounted as part of monument or mounted securely on an upright monument.

SPECIAL DATE EXCEPTIONS — Easter, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Christmas
Potted plants, summer wreaths, baskets, small plants, styrofoam, and plastic designs are permitted only for a period of 10 days before and ending 10 days after each of the special dates. If any of these decorations are not removed by the owner at the end of each special date period, the will be removed by cemetery personnel.


Effective May 1, 2009 the following prices will apply to opening and closing of graves in Perry Township.

Opening and Closing

  • $450.00 for openings and closing on weekdays before 2 p.m.
  • $650.00 for openings and closings on Saturdays and Holidays

Cremation Opening and Closing

  • $150.00 for Openings and Closings on weekdays before 2 p.m.
  • $250.00 for Openings and Closings on Saturday and Holidays

Foundation Prices

Size Price
24x18x30 $200.00
36x18x30 $250.00
48x18x30 $275.00
60x18x30 $300.00
72x18x30 $350.00
84x18x30 $400.00
96x18x30 $450.00
12x18x24 $100.00
12x18x36 $150.00
12x18x48 $200.00

If foundations widths are greater than 18 inches, please add an extra $25.00 to the price listed above.
Prices for foundations are subject to change as prices of material change.
Payment is due at the time of the order.


The Road Department’s services include maintaining roads, ditches, and cemeteries throughout the township, including road maintenance, roadside ditch cleaning and grading, snowplowing, sign maintenance, mowing, and coordinating programs wither other townships, county, and state personnel. Other responsibilities include repairing and cleaning of tile and catch basins, trimming trees, maintaining township cemeteries, and maintenance of office buildings.

The Road Department also reports activities and concerns at the bi-monthly Perry Township Trustee Meetings.

Tree Maintenance

Currently the road department has been removing trees that are dead and or dying to keep the community safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is maintained by Perry Township?

Maintenance of tile and road ditches are only maintained within the road right of way, anything beyond the right of way is the responsibility of land owner, unless otherwise notified. Right of ways vary by road.

Which roads are county roads?

County roads in Perry Township are as follows: Schooler Rd., Greely Chapel Rd., Auglaize Rd., Ream Rd., Hanthorn Rd., Yoder Rd., Madden Rd., McClain Rd.

Any issues with these roads, contact the Allen County Engineers office at 419-228-3196 or we will contact county with issues relayed to us through residents.

Why are the trees in my yard being cut or trimmed?

Tree trimming and removal will only be done in right of way. Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 5543.14 township trustees may “ trim, remove any and all trees, shrubs, and other vegetation growing in or encroaching onto the right of way.

Can I find someone’s gravesite in Fletcher Cemetery?

Cemetery records of Fletcher Cemetery only date back to 1961 of marked & unmarked graves, due to records before that date not being handled by the township. Marked graves can be located at your request.

Policy on fixing mailboxes during snow:

Mailboxes knocked off by snow during the winter are not the responsibility of township to fix or replace, make sure before winter to see if post is rotten and boxes are securely fastened. A suggestion is to put up a block in front of box before winter starts at least 18” away from mailbox to deflect snow.

How many times a year are ditches mowed?

Ditches are mowed at least 3 times a year, depending on weather conditions extra trips around the township will be completed as needed. Mowing of tree lines and steep roadside ditch banks are done 2 times a year.

Why isn’t my road plowed until after others?

Roads are plowed based on priority due to amounts of traffic on them daily, with high traffic roads first, less traffic last.

Road paving & sealing?

Roads are sealed and paved based on the condition of the roadway. A rotation of fixing the worst roads first is a practice we are trying to set in place. Some roads have been left behind for to many years and we are currently trying get them fixed as soon as possible before they are beyond repair. Paving is only generally done when Issue 1 money becomes available every 4 years to us, due to the cost of paving a mile of road being around $65,000.

How many miles of roads are maintained by Perry Township?

Approximately 46 miles of road are maintained by the township, this does not include state highways or county roads.

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